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At Sime Darby Mazda, we strive for providing excellent service with high standard equipment to serve customers who bring in the car for service at Sime Darby Mazda service centers at any of our 6 branches in Bangkok and its vicinity.

Fast Track

Mazda Express Service

Experiencing the express service "Fast Track”

The express service for maintenance within just 60 minutes
Now ready at Sime Darby Mazda

Our certified mechanics have been trained and certified from Mazda Training Center. Always 2 mechanics per 1 slot using Mazda qualified equipment. We only use high quality products so you can be confident that you will receive service the same quality as the main standard service.

“Mazda express maintenance service saves your time!”

Just call or submit an online service booking to schedule a service appointment for the express service. Bring in your car on the schedule and you can pick up your car within 1 – 2 hours.

  • Mileage check (odd) 10000, 30000 , 50000 mileage > 1 hour
  • Mileage check (even) 20000, 40000, 60000 mileage > 2 hours

You can receive the Mazda FAST TRACK at our 2 locations:

  • Charoen Nakhon Branch Tel. 0-2476-2222
  • Paradise Park Branch Tel. 0-2398-2222

Other Services

Additional services from the Sime Darby



Our body and paint repair center has been certified by Mazda equipped with advanced machines and tools for Collision repairs, Spot paint / Repairs, Complete refinishing and paint, Buffing and Polishing. We are ensuring that you get the right color according to the standard shade of Mazda with one year warranty. At Sime Darby Mazda, we use high standard dent repair puller, Car O Liner, from Sweden to ensure your Mazda is restored to the highest standard.



New coating innovation using Siloxane is designed to protect tthe exterior of a vehicle from external paint damage. It blends with the paint of your car and creates an additional hydrophobic layer of protection.

  • Repel water on surface
  • Increase shininess
  • Prevent hair marks from car wash
  • Protect from water stains, insect stains, and stain from acid rain


Wheel alignments are more critical than ever before because today’s wheel aligments integrate with your car’s safety features such as lane departure alert, forward collision warning system, anti-lock braking system, and etc. At Sime Darby Mazda, we use the latest technology for high precision wheel alignment that integrates with all the security systems of your vehicle.



Air conditioning system is necessary to help adjusting the air circulation inside the car. Common issues of air conditioning system are old ventilation fans, seals or tubes, refrigerant leak, and damaged air compressor, which cause your air conditioning system to not working well. At the Sime Darby Mazda Service Center, we guarantee that your Mazda air conditioning system is well maintained and refurbished by experienced technicians. We offer with a 12-month parts and labor warranty, ensuring that your Mazda’s air conditioning system is fixed permanently.



Engine flushing is the process of cleaning up the sludge accumulated in the engine and oil pipe to help restore power and engine performance of your car. An engine flush is part of a good maintenance regimen that

  • Keep the engine clean and help extending the service life-time
  • Not damage the internal parts or non-corrosive to rubber seals and O-rings


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